‘this is my dream’

“If you think about it, the sport/fashion mix was inevitable, for the two are essentially about the same thing: the pursuit of physical perfection”

(Parrinder 2000 as cited by Gale & Kaur 2004, p. 83)

For my dissertation, I am looking into the influence of fashion on sporting wear. I will be exploring Yohji Yamamoto’s collaboration with Adidas to create Y-3. As i was going about my research I stumbled across the trailer for the documentary ‘Yohji Yamamoto: This is My Dream” which follows Yamamoto as he puts together the Y-3 spring summer 2010 collection. Directed by Theo Stanley, the documentary will give an insight into the moulding of fashion and sporting which is Y-3. The trailer is beautifully shot and allows a brief look into the intriguing world of Yamamoto.

To view the trailer click here 


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