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An insight…

Here is a glimpse into my head space at the moment. It is a whirlwind of menswear designs, colours, fabrics, knits, patterns, stripes, all jumbled together!It is always a race against time. No matter how much work I do, this collection will never be complete. There are always extra elements that could be followed up. The key thing to figure out is when enough is enough! Luckily I am nowhere near that point yet, so I can keep chasing up new techniques and creating new design. Fashion is a fun crazy world.




I am very sick at the moment with the worst cold so it is really hard to concentrate on uni work. On Monday I sewed half my jacket the wrong way, meaning that half the seams were on the outside. I decided I should stop sewing as my brain was obviously not functioning. Luckily it is perfect sick weather. I can snuggle up in my doona to the sound of the rain falling outside. As a result of all this, I have been doing unproductive doodling…

I really need to get better so I can actually do the millions of important things waiting to get done.

Today is..

Illustration by Roxanne Daner - a Los Angeles based illustrator and designer.

Visit her at

My illustrations..

I am not the best at hand drawing, but I have developed a love for computer generated illustrations.

Here are some portraits I created. I hope you like them.

Inspire me..

Here are some illustrators that i adore at the moment. Everything they do inspires me. How i wish i could draw…

Andrea Joseph

She has an amazing blog which you should most definitely visit if you are as fascinated by her images as i am.

James Gulliver Hancock

An ex University of Technology Sydney graduate! He is currently based in Brooklyn and is try to draw all the buildings in New York.