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Made by hand

Temple Bags, Bread Bag

I stumbled across this company called Temple bags which make their goods by deconstructing WWII garments. Not only is the label being sustainable by giving these garments and fabrics a second life, each bag is unique and hand made, each telling a different story. I think people forget how personal fashion is. Real people design and make things, not big industrial machines. I really like this film from Temple’s website as it gives an insight into the company and the processes and people behind the bag. definitely worth a watch.

Temple Bags: Made in America from McManus Studios on Vimeo.


My next purchase

How can you not be drawn into the FEEDbags initiative? Started by model Lauren Bush, FEEDbags are environmentally friendly and produced using fair-labour methods. The best bit is that the proceeds go to the United Nations World Food Program Feeding Operation. The canvas totes are numbered (for example 1, 2, 100) and represent the amount of children in 3rd world nations that you are feeding school lunches to for an entire year!

So not only do you gain a long last accessory, but you make a significant impact to the quality of life of children around the world. Are you feeling inspired yet?

I am.

Brogue Brogue Brogue

I can’t help but fall in love with a man in brogues. The classic English brogue is an imperative item in every male’s wardrobe. Wear them casually with jeans or dress them at up night, brogues will always be stylish.1. Roland Haynes, Brogue Burnished Tan   2. Marc Jacobs, Francesina Vit Brogue   3. Grenson, Tyler   4. Grenson, Stanley   5. Gibson, Time Lace-up Brogue   6. Roland Haynes, The Donegal Brogue   7.  Hawkings McGill, Canvas and Leather Brogue   8. Grenson, Tom