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My style of menswear is very historical in inspiration. Jack Clayton’s 1974 film version of Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, is a perfect insight into fashion during the 1920’s. The costumes (designed by Ralph Lauren) are wonderful and really bring the story to life. The book (and film) is an absolute classic. If you never read it in high school, I definitely recommended sitting down with a cup of tea and emmerse yourself in the engaging world of Gatsby. If it all seems like too much, do not fret, the Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby will be out in 2012. I hope it’s worth the wait!




An insight…

Here is a glimpse into my head space at the moment. It is a whirlwind of menswear designs, colours, fabrics, knits, patterns, stripes, all jumbled together!It is always a race against time. No matter how much work I do, this collection will never be complete. There are always extra elements that could be followed up. The key thing to figure out is when enough is enough! Luckily I am nowhere near that point yet, so I can keep chasing up new techniques and creating new design. Fashion is a fun crazy world.


Fashion Photography

It is amazing how much joy you can get out of fashion photography. Here are some of the photographs I am enjoying at the moment. They are all menswear as that is where my head is at the moment. I hope you like them as much as I do! (sorry for the poor image quality).

Magda Wunsche - Reserved Campaign AW/08 & Nike Advertorial, 2007

Carlotta Manaigo - untitled

Dennis Schoenberg - Upstreet Magazine, 2007

Giampaolo Sgura - Dolce and Gabba SS/08

Sven Banziger - Citizen K

David Slijper - The New York Times, 2006 & Dazed & Confused, 2007

Timothy Barnes - Matador Magazine, 2007

Mel Bles - Dazed & Confused Japan


Fragmented Traveler

At the end of last year I had the amazing opportunity to model for graduate designer Jo Cao. Her collection, inspired by Cambodia, contained amazing prints, dip dyeing and stripes which combined to create a modern feminine look. Here are the images from her final catalogue. Enjoy!

Model – Jenna Campbell (me)

Designer and Photographer – Jo Cao

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting in touch with Jo Cao.

Made by hand

Temple Bags, Bread Bag

I stumbled across this company called Temple bags which make their goods by deconstructing WWII garments. Not only is the label being sustainable by giving these garments and fabrics a second life, each bag is unique and hand made, each telling a different story. I think people forget how personal fashion is. Real people design and make things, not big industrial machines. I really like this film from Temple’s website as it gives an insight into the company and the processes and people behind the bag. definitely worth a watch.

Temple Bags: Made in America from McManus Studios on Vimeo.

Visual Life

For a recent uni assessment, we had to identify some mentors/ individuals that we looked up to. One of the people I chose was Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist. I love his work and perception of style. I think he has a very interesting/beautiful way of viewing the world and people around him. I came across this short film by Intel which follows Schuman as he wanders the streets with his camera. It is really well put together and definitely worth a watch!

I found and kept

Last night I went to Finders Keepers markets and I hope you did too! The entire space was buzzing with excitement, filled with people of all ages.

I must say that CarriageWorks is a spectacular location to have events. The exposed industrial metal and wood really set a wonderful vibe.

My success purchase of the night was a blank recipe book from Write to Me. I am not a very good cook so my plan is to compile all the recipes that I would like to make, so that I can easily reference them whenever I want! It was very difficult not to buy absolutely everything from Write to Me  as their stuff is so inspiring! I immediately came home and checked out their website/ blog which makes you want to step back from computers and pull out the good old pencil and paper. Check it out here …

‘this is my dream’

“If you think about it, the sport/fashion mix was inevitable, for the two are essentially about the same thing: the pursuit of physical perfection”

(Parrinder 2000 as cited by Gale & Kaur 2004, p. 83)

For my dissertation, I am looking into the influence of fashion on sporting wear. I will be exploring Yohji Yamamoto’s collaboration with Adidas to create Y-3. As i was going about my research I stumbled across the trailer for the documentary ‘Yohji Yamamoto: This is My Dream” which follows Yamamoto as he puts together the Y-3 spring summer 2010 collection. Directed by Theo Stanley, the documentary will give an insight into the moulding of fashion and sporting which is Y-3. The trailer is beautifully shot and allows a brief look into the intriguing world of Yamamoto.

To view the trailer click here 

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